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written by Fergus McNeill


It’s 1953, and an optimistic America is shaking off the hurt of World War II. Russia is defeated, and Germany is now an ally. Former soldier Frank Rye is a small-town cop in rural Missouri, but the war has left him cynical and selfish. When his actions lead to the murder of a fellow officer, guilt drives him into a vengeful hunt for justice. 

His search for the killer will drag him deep into his own past, to the wartime summer of 1944, when he was stationed in neutral Switzerland, to a clandestine world of love and lies.

To unmask the killer, he must uncover the truth about the war...and about himself.

Coming Soon

Massacre at Agua Caliente


written by Craig Rainey

Boyd Hutton is a desperate and ruthless outlaw, known for his swift and deadly actions. His latest crime, the attempted robbery of the most secure bank in the western territories, ends with the destruction of his devoted gang of outlaws. Alone, he flees a posse and Texas Rangers. He is joined along the way by the young Cab Jackson, who helps the outlaw across the Rio Grande into Mexico where Hutton continues his crime wave. One evening Hutton and Jackson happen upon a Quinceanera where Alida, the daughter of a powerful Mexican official, is being celebrated. Hutton encounters Juliana, Alida's elder sister. Unexpectedly, Juliana's interest in the tall stranger turns into a desperate fight for her life as Hutton kidnaps her and eludes the immediate pursuit of her father's men.

Juliana will learn that despite the efforts of her father, the Mexican army, and relentless bounty hunters, she will have to rely on a courage and inner strength she never knew she possessed. Torn from her life of luxury and privilege, her life on the run in an unforgiving wilderness changes her. As the kidnappers elude desperate rescue efforts, Juliana presents Hutton an opponent unlike any he has ever before faced. Before the end of her ordeal, Juliana will grow to learn much about her father, her captors, and to her surprise, her own abilities and strengths.

Coming soon to Audible.

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